4 August 2013

It’s the Usual Fool here again, but only because my wife has fallen asleep.

Here’s another poll from her though, about me.  This one is about my quirks!


3 thoughts on “4 August 2013

  1. I leave half-empty glasses all over the house. And I thought all men were unadventurous in their ordering, at least until the women in their lives begin to exercise an influence…
    You know what’s worse than the line of a song over and over? When you get a line from an ad, a spoken line or phrase, stuck irreversibly in your head. Now THAT’S annoying.

    • I think what most frustrates my wife about the one lines of a song I sing is that it’s frequently one line from a Christmas song, but I sing it all year round.

      • Not Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? My husband went through a phase of replying to a lot of things with “like a lightbulb!” Thankfully, he grew out of it after a while, before our son started doing much the same thing…

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