9 July 2013

I have no story to go with this poll.  Shocking, I know.


3 thoughts on “9 July 2013

  1. It totally depends on where they are located and on what. Kid’s clothes, I go for zippers for ease, but they’re easy for M to undo in return. Buttons up the back are pretty good, if I can get her to stand with her back to me long enough to do/undo them. Laces are also good, but on shoes can cause trippage and again, require an unlikely amount of stand-still-ish-ness on the part of my toddler.

    • “Stand-still-ish-ness” is a great term, and certainly not something my toddler excels at either! My problem with buttons up the back of her clothes is that I frequently forget them until I suddenly have to calm my screaming daughter because she’s stuck with a shirt over her face.

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