21 September 2013

This is my wife’s favorite shirt.  (The woman is not my wife, just the woman paid to wear the shirt in public.


To make a long story short, my wife accidentally ruined this shirt and I wanted to replace it for her.  I couldn’t find it on my own, because it never occurred to me that finding it would require technical language.  (It should have occurred to me, but it didn’t.)

As it turns out, this is a “short sleeve scoop neck belted tunic in tan/black.”


19 September 2013

It’s a week of “different waters,” and what could be more different than extraterrestrial water?  Well, interestingly enough, this poll rather depends upon the assumption that it might not be different at all!

18 September 2013

Having address sight and taste, I’ve exhausted the obvious ways of modifying the water-drinking experience.  Nevertheless, here’s another poll.

17 September 2013

I thought it would be interesting to have this week’s theme be “interestingly different waters.”  Yesterday’s dealt with color.  Flavor seems the next obvious choice.

16 September 2013

Lake Hillier is pink.  Apparently this is a feature of the water itself.   It doesn’t just appear to be pink because of something behind it; it is pink.  If you were to dip a glass into it, you would have a glass of pink water.  Also apparently, the pinkness doesn’t represent something harmful.

I might still be reticent about drinking it though, but I imagine I would be more reticent about other colors. (I like pink, after all.)

15 September 2013

“Man-made, rewiring of a pre-disposition, playing God”

-“Same Love,” Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

This is an interesting if tragically irrational song; it expresses a lot of popular sentiment pretty well though.  (Sadly.)

In this particular section, the duo are criticizing a group that tried to reprogram homosexuals with a bunch of psuedo-scientific (and heartless) techniques.  It was a group worthy of criticism.  About that I think everyone agrees.

But of all the grounds on which to base that criticism, the song chooses the most nonsensical, which I’ve quoted above: the suggestion that it’s wrong to meddle with how human beings are naturally.

Have they bothered to think about human beings in their native state before we (as parents and responsible folk) meddle?  We’re messy, irrational, violent, helpless…  We are, by definition, uneducated.

If we’re going to say that it’s wrong to meddle with how human beings are naturally–if we shouldn’t try to oppose our pre-dispositions, whatever they may be–then we have a serious problem.  A lot of the things we take for granted, like civilization, aren’t things to which we’re pre-disposed.  We’re taught them.

14 September 2012

Between Dinosaurs and Space Exploration, an obvious question arises: